BIG NEWS! I just launched an indiegogo to help fund our upcoming travels! I really need your help to make this successful! I am raising $1000 to carry us across the country for as long as we can! I have all sorts of prints for sale through the link, so go ahead and check it out! Don’t forget to SHARE!

I also wrote you a little country song!

Anonymous inquired Pleeeeease tell me you will be in NJ or eastern PA!! LOL! would love to do this class!!

Yeah, we can totally do that! Go ahead and send me an email at so I can email you when we get more details on NJ. :D

Stonewall Jackson Workshop

If you’re in the Charlotte NC area, I will be hosting a 2 day workshop at the Stonewall Jackson school on August 21-22. We will have two fun-filled days of exploring and shooting at an abandoned school with a model. This will be a great opportunity to meet new creatives!

The first day will consist of story telling and shooting. I will discuss my full process from start to finish and show you how to portray a story within your photos. Then we will set off and bring our stories to life inside of the school in multiple rooms.

The second day will mostly be full of editing. I will also discuss my whole process so you can follow along with me.

The workshop is $200 per person which covers meals and model expenses. You can email me at for payments and info. Hope to see you soon!

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I have some exciting news! Next month I will be flying to Charlotte North Carolina to start another tour around the country! This time it will be much more thrilling!

Me and my buddy Cameron Korn will be working on a few projects for the next couple of months. He will be working on a documentary and I will be captuing conceptual photos in many abandoned homes and ghost towns. We have a lot of exciting surprises lined up for you!

I will be hosting personal and group workshops all over the country, starting in Charlotte. If you live in the US you can send me a message for more details on my workshops. Feel free to share this with your friends!

Now is also a good time to purchase prints to help fund our trip! You can send me a message for inquiries. I also have four 24x24 inch prints that are framed and matted for sale!

fairytaleofhappiness inquired You can't even imagine how much I'm in love with your photos. There's something so unbelievable about them. I can feel the atmosphere which comes from them in my whole body and the feeling is so beautifully uplifting. I want you to know that I'm so grateful that you exist because the way you make the photos is something what I hoped I will be able to see someday. I was looking for something like that And I feel like I have found it. I'm spellbound. Thank you very very much, you beautiful soul.

Wow, that is probably the nicest thing anyone has every say to me! I feel like I am suppose to tell you I love you! Haha, thank you!! :D