fairytaleofhappiness inquired You can't even imagine how much I'm in love with your photos. There's something so unbelievable about them. I can feel the atmosphere which comes from them in my whole body and the feeling is so beautifully uplifting. I want you to know that I'm so grateful that you exist because the way you make the photos is something what I hoped I will be able to see someday. I was looking for something like that And I feel like I have found it. I'm spellbound. Thank you very very much, you beautiful soul.

Wow, that is probably the nicest thing anyone has every say to me! I feel like I am suppose to tell you I love you! Haha, thank you!! :D

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Anonymous inquired I am absolutely in love with your photography. Seriously. The first time I saw one of your photos, my jaw dropped. You're so talented, and you're one of my biggest role models as a young photographer. I loved your 365 day project, and even enjoyed reading your stories! So, I just wanted to tell you how amazing and creative you are, and I hope you continue doing what you do best!

Thank you very much, I’m glad you took the time to message me! Thanks! :D